Sunday 10th December 2023

Shared Server Outage

We're currently investigating an issue with 3 of our shared servers,, and Our engineers are investigating this as their top priority.

We apologise for any disruption this may cause you.

01:29 - Maintenance work is now complete on

01:16 - Targeted restore of accounts on is now complete.

00:37 - We are brining offline for maintanence and restoration of some affected accounts.

17:00 - upon review of there are a few accounts that will require a targeted restore to get back online we are working on getting these done as soon as possible. we will be looking to reboot the server later this evening to increase the storage capacity on the server the estimated downtime for this should only be 15-20 minutes however. we will also do a review of this server to check if any accounts also need a targeted restore. The initial restore is still in progress, most of the accounts should be back online we will have to wait however for this restore to complete before being able to check for accounts that may need individual attention.

12-20 - The restore for has also now completed. is roughly 80% complete. We will update this status again once lh38 has been completed.

09:30 - The restore for has been completed, is still in progress but the majority of accounts are back online. This restore is about 50% complete.

00:43 - Majority of accounts on the affected servers have been restored to the most recent available point prior to incident and work is still underway to restore service to the remaining accounts. ETA for restore of all accounts is 5 hours.

20:45 - Servers are back online but we are still restoring the data. We will update again in 2 hours.

17:00 - The server admins are continuing to work on this as top priority, we hope however to have more detailed news to share on the situation in the next 4 hours

12:00 pm 11/12/23 - the initial restoration of servers is still in progress, we are working on getting this stage completed as soon as possible to restore normal functionality, this should allow us to proceed with further restores/updates as required in the background.

We will update this status again as soon as the initial restore has been completed. Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

08:13 - Restoration of servers is still in progress and we do not currently have an ETA on this but further status update will be posted in 1 hour.

04:21 - Issue with storage array still being investigated and attempts to restore the above 3 servers have failed. We are arranging to restore from stable restore points to restore service however this may take many hours to complete.

17:48 - Our engineers are still working on this, We will update this status in 30 minutes.

18:24 - Our engineers are still working to get the server up and running as soon as possible. For the moment we don't have an ETA for this issue. We will update this status in 1 hour.

19:26 - Our engineers found that there was a storage failure and we have to rebuild servers, and This will take the rest of the day and night to complete. After this is complete, all services should work without problem.

We apologies for the break in server, and will get everything back online as soon as we possibly can.

We will be updating this status as soon as we have more information