Saturday 30th March 2024

Shared Servers Shared Server Outage

19:50 - Changes have been made at the kernel level, we are still reviewing in relation to unusual behaviour exhibited with Apache and working to resolve this as soon as possible. We hope to update within the next hour or if any further information is available.

13:42 - Investigation is still underway in relation to issue with Apache and we have further tested to determine root cause. We will continue to monitor to minimise intermittment downtime.

11:29 - We are still reviewing issue with Apache and are reviewing primary cause, at this moment we have configured to recover on failure so HTTP(S) requests will be intermittment while we continue to review.

11:10 - We are reviewing in relation to file system integrity and have brought the server momentarily offline to review further, which would affect other services such as mail on this server. We hope to boot this server within 10 minutes to conduct further testing on Apache Web Server.

10:43 We're currently investigating an issue with one of our shared servers, Our engineers are currently investigating this as their top priority.

We will update this status in 30 minutes (11:15). We apologise for any disruption this may cause you.